PuriFry helps to reduce Polar Content and Acrylamide


Health is a major concern for caterers, and they want to be sure that all the processes and products used in their food production are of the highest standards possible. This is where PuriFry can help.

Polar content is a terminology used to refer to the build up of contaminants within the oil, giving an indication of the quality. Polar content measurement is used extensively by many of the major fast food brands, giving them an indicator and guide as to when to change their oil, helping them to maintain the high quality of food that we as the public expect. Yet many Chefs have never heard of it!

Virgin frying oils are naturally non-polar in nature, regardless of their type or country of origin. However, as cooking oil works through its  natural degradation process due to oxidation, polymerisation and hydrolysis (Exposure to oxygen, heat and food/water) polar compounds are produced, with related health concerns due to their believed carcinogenic properties. 

Acrylamide is also becoming a bit of a "buzz word", it was discovered in 2002 that roasting or frying food, particularly starchy potatoes, creates a process where Acrylamide is naturally produced, there are concerns related to Acrylamide and carcinogens in food. In the frying environment a large portion of this Acrylamide is held in the outer layer of the food which has become crisp, such as chips, breaking off in the oil and remaining as crumb in the Fryer. The crumb then sticks to further fried food, being served to the customer on their plate.

The PuriFry process of frying oil filtration removes particulate down to 3-5 micron in size, clarifying the oil and eliminating not only the physical crumb/particulate but also the associated contaminants such as Acrylamide that make up Polar Content.

Tests by PuriFry Associates in Turkey who are using our bespoke filtration equipment have demonstrated just how effective PuriFry is in reducing Polar Compounds in cooking oil. Turkey is considerably more advanced in food safety than the UK or Ireland and legal limits of 25% Polar Content are in place, the PuriFry system demonstrates substantial reading reductions after filtration, with onsite readings being reduced from 18 to 11% and tests carried out by Tubatik MAM the largest independent lab in Turkey on our samples have shown reductions from 30.8% to 19.2% 

Legal limits on Polar Content are not yet in place in Ireland and the UK, but PuriFry is well positioned to reduce Polar Content, Polar Content readings and oil contamination whilst improving oil quality and usable life.